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With or Without Your Smile


About the Book

With or Without Your Smile
“The Journal of a Parent…”

As a parent you never imagine that someday, you will not be able to see, hug and love your beautiful children.  You always hope and work hard every day, thinking that you will watch your children grow up, go through their milestones and ensure that they have the best shot in life with the support and love you provide for them.  For me this usual, everyday process as a parent was interrupted and severed abruptly when my eight-year-old daughter was taken away from me by her father to a foreign country.

This book is about how I have managed to turn these events, including my daughter’s cancer, her kidnapping and various other legal battles, into a positive aspect of my life, with the hope of empowering others in achieving what they wish to achieve despite the hardships in life.  I hope that this book reminds parents and people in general, that tomorrow is never guaranteed, and one must live today with the best intentions, love, peace and fortitude so we have no regrets.

Anchita Karmakar